Best Houston Outdoor Activities

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While there are numerous ways to spend a day in Houston, we’ve compiled this list of fantastic outdoor experiences in Houston to help you plan your own epic outdoor trip!

Kayak through Buffalo Bayou

Along the waters of Buffalo Bayou, you may get some of the best views of the Houston skyline. While you can see the skyline from the bayou’s paths, renting a kayak and paddling along Buffalo Bayou is one of the coolest Houston outdoor activities. There’s plenty of space in the bayou, which stretches 53 miles through Houston, to go kayaking for an hour or a full day!

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding at The Woodlands:

Stand up paddle boarding is a terrific outdoor activity in Houston if you’re seeking for a paddling alternative to kayaking. There are many spots to go stand up paddle boarding in Houston and the nearby areas, which are ideal for sunny, warm days.

The Woodlands is one of our favourite sites for stand up paddle boarding in Houston. This neighbourhood has a huge lake with nearby canals and tributaries that are ideal for a relaxing swim. It’s also a fantastic area for beginners because there are no tides or strong currents.

Go surfing at Surfside Beach:

We bet you didn’t realise that surfing was a thing that could be done in Houston! Surfside Beach, approximately an hour outside of town, is a great place to catch some waves. It’s as simple as grabbing a board and hitting the waves if you already know how to surf.

In Surfside Beach, there are a few surfboard rental shops that hire out surfboards, SUPs, and kayaks. You can also book a surfing session with local clubs if you don’t know how to surf and want to learn.

Run the Outer Loop at Rice University:

Rice University’s outer loop is a picturesque, oak-lined gravel road that runs around 2.7 miles and is one of Houston’s most popular running trails. You may see renowned university attractions like the Sallyport, Brochstein Pavilion, and its magnificent quad on a run around and onto campus. A morning run across this campus, which is often regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country, is one of the greatest Houston outdoor activities.

While you can see other runners on the route at any time of day, the best time to run at Rice is before the Houston sun becomes too hot and oppressive. The shelter of the oak trees gives a pleasant, cool area for an early run.

Climb at the largest bouldering gym in the country:

Momentum Indoor Climbing is one of the more intriguing additions to Houston’s climbing industry. They have two sites in Houston, one in the Heights and the other in Katy.

While the Katy facility offers both top rope and lead climbing, the Silver Street location is unique in that it is a bouldering-only gym, claiming to be the largest in the country! That means no harnesses are required – just sneakers, chalk, and a strong feeling of determination.

You will never be bored at this gym because it has over five massive walls and climb-over boulders. Every week, new routes are added to one section of the gym, and every month or two, the entire gym is turned over. Momentum also features excellent cross-training facilities, such as a weight room and yoga classes. To help you enhance your climbing skills, the gym has a moon board, hang bars, and pegs.

Take a Houston city walking tour

A walking tour is a good alternative for outdoor activities in Houston if you want to learn more about the city and its history. While the city may get quite hot in the summer, a walking tour is best done in the fall, winter, and spring (i.e., when the weather is cooler!).

Fortunately, no matter what your interests are, there are a plethora of Houston walking tour options to keep you occupied. On a city walking tour, you can see some fascinating historical places as well as some of the best and most undervalued dining selections in the United States.

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